How our systems work…

The Mosquito Misting System automatically delivers a fine, precisely measured spray of insecticide through strategically placed spray nozzles that come on 3 – 6 times a day around the perimeter of the home and or yard, along the fence line, on the trees, as well as throughout the landscaping. The Mosquito misting system will kill and repel a broad range of nuisance insects.  Any additional spray times can be controlled by you with your remote control on an as needed basis as the system owner. Mosquitoes and bugs are a thing of the past with our automatic bug misting system. Mosquitoes & More utilizes a 55-gallon, 125-gallon, or tankless control unit in both digital and solar options making pest elimination, worry free!

Maintenance is required, but it is easy …

The Misting Systems are easy to take care of but they must be taken care of.  I generally tell my customers, “If you maintain your own pool/yard, then you can take care of this system yourself.”  Whether you have a Cool Misting System or a Mosquito Misting System, you have an outdoor pump, controller and filter(s) that will need to be maintained on a regular basis for you to get the enjoyment and benefits of the system that you are purchasing.

If you do not maintain your system (like the customer system in the picture to the left), the nozzles will get clogged over time and the pump head will break. Also, since it is an outdoor system, other parts of the system will wear out through normal wear and tear over the duration of the system(s).  We have been in business over 15 years and we still have systems in operation in the field that were installed over 12 years ago.  These systems will last a long time when they are properly maintained.

An Agreement, not a Contract …

Some companies try to tie you down with Annual Service Contracts that force you to use their services even when they are not doing a good job on their end.  We have heard from several customers that some service technicians just fill up their system and leave, never really inspecting the property or the system properly.  We believe in treating our customers the same way we want to be treated.  So, instead of annual contracts, we have Month to Month Service Agreements.  If you are unhappy with the service that we provide, you can cancel at any time.  This means that We are always earning your business and your Loyalty.

Lots of experience taking on new clients …

We have outlasted a lot of our competition over the years.  So, we understand that we may not have installed your system but you may need our help to get the most out of your system.  We have two options to help get your system onto a Mist and More Service Agreement:


  • Option 1:  If your system is currently being maintained by another company and you are not satisfied with their service, you can switch to Mist and More and get 2 months of Free Service!  Call Today to find out more information!  (407) 381-8448
  • Option 2:  If your system is currently not working and you would like to get it working,  call today to find out how to get $250 OFF your repair costs!  (407) 381-8448