Water Fans or Mist ceiling fans - Buy or Install

The Mist Fans  are proven to be more effective than conventional methods such as swamp coolers, evaporative coolers, or a mist line for cooling outdoor locations like a patio, green house, waiting line, or even a warehous. By utilizing airflow, you help the water to evaporate and become absorbed by the air molecules around it, creating the heat exchange which causes the air molecules to cool off! 

A mist fan system can increase productivity and employee morale in hot indoor or outdoor industrial working conditions! Feel free to download the heat study below! Our high-quality outdoor rated fans are actually made by the same supplier that makes Home Depot's Hampton Bay brand, which is equipped with our stainless steel powder coated mist ring. It will be the perfect solution in providing the outdoor comfort that is needed during those extremely hot days!

Mist and More has the ability to adjust the amount of water flow needed for each application by utilizing varied size “Ruby Nozzles” available in .003", .006", .008", and .012", for different humidity and environmental applications. 

Example: A .003" would be used in an interior application or covered application that has very little air flow, very little room between the nozzle, and the people that will frequently be in the area such as 3 - 4 feet. 

While a .006" is typically used in commercial restaurant applications, for the goal of not making the customers "too wet". This, combined with our 2010 model simm, pumps with variable cycle time. It has adjustability through the use of a high pressure dump valve which allows the customer to dial in exactly how much mist they want! 

A .008" is typically the most common, and also the ones that we use the most here in Florida. While 3's and 6's may sound tempting, they're also not going to deliver as many gallons of water into the air as a larger orifice - meaning that you aren't going to achieve as many btu's of cooling ability as you would with a larger flow rate. 

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