Farm / Industrial Systems

Mist & More Commercial Systems

As the pioneers of cool misting and mosquito systems in Central Florida and beyond, with mist experience since 2003 in installations and continued maintenance, we are the experts in how to install the right system for your business. With a proper installation from Mist and More, your livestock or facilities can be protected from the nuisance of pests and/or blistering heat.  Whether it is a dairy farm, pig farm, chicken farm or other farm/industrial application; Mist and More will help you to Fite the Bite and Beat the Heat. 

Our systems protect your livestock and facilities from pests and the blistering heat! 

Fite the Bite

We can help you eliminate mosquitoes, spiders, no-see-ums and other annoying pests from your bar and patio area(s).

Beat the Heat

We can help you Beat the Heat with a custom Cool Misting system that can lower the ambient temperature 20 to 30 degrees.

Anemometer showing the benefits of a Mist & More Cool Misting System

Anemometer Reading

The Anemometer shows a reading of 32.5 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) before turning on the Cool Misting system and then shows a reading of 25.5 degrees Celsius (78 degrees Fahrenheit) after running the system for 10 minutes.

Chicken Farm benefit from Mist & More systems

Chicken Farm

Chickens and turkeys are sensitive to high temperatures.  High temperatures lower the chicken’s metabolism, which reduces egg production. Extremely hot days can even raise the mortality rate.
A cooling system is critical in order to achieve high production rates and increase efficiency.

Dairy Farms benefit from Mist & More Cooling systems

Dairy Farm

Heat stress can reduce summer milk production in dairy cows by 15 to 22 percent according to University of Florida research. The cow’s natural defenses cause her appetite to be suppressed in times of high heat stress. Less feed intake naturally leads to less milk production. Reproductive efficiency also suffers in times of heat stress, costing dollars for delayed lactation and rebreeding fees.