Mist & More Cooling Systems

As the pioneers of mist cooling systems in Central Florida, with mist cooling experience since 2003 in installations and continued maintenance, we are the experts in how to install the right system for your project. With a proper installation from Mist and More, the water droplets produced are so small that they flash evaporate within 22” of dispersion in temperatures over 80 degrees, consuming the heat-energy in the process and reducing the ambient temperature 20-30 degrees. You can stand in front of our misters with your sunglasses on and you won’t get a drop of water on your glasses!

Feel the difference with high pressure Mist Cooling

Heat-energy is needed to move water from a liquid to a vapor. The amount of heat-energy required, depends upon the mass of the liquid. Mist and More mist cooling systems spray at 1500psi to create water droplets 5 microns in diameter. The right size pump for each specific job is very important. Our team can design a system that will fit your needs and help you enjoy the outdoors in a much cooler environment without getting wet.













Mist Fans


Pool Fog




Mist Walls

With Mist Walls, Mist Fans, MistScapes and Pool Fog we can enhance your sitting and landscaped areas: creating a beautiful and natural oasis from the heat that your guests will remember. Fragrance options are available to compliment the Mist Cooling with fresh desirable scents.


Isleworth Country Club

When Isleworth Country Club rebuilt their Pool and Patio in 2014, they had Mist & More build them a Custom Cooling system to keep their Members and Guests more comfortable.

Tom & Lucy

Enjoy spending time on their patio but when the summer heat hits, they were being driven inside as the heat was unbearable.  Now, with a Custom Cooling system from Mist & More, they are back outside all year long!

Cliff & Lesa

Bought their dream home on the river but were unable to enjoy the afternoon sunsets because the heat was way too much – until they got a Custom Cooling system from Mist & More!  Now, Cliff is able to enjoy his evening cigar with some company. 

Maitland Montessouri

Wanted to cool the children down on the playground and provide a small respite for the teachers, so they asked Mist & More to install a Custom Cooling system to make playtime more fun!