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About Mist & More

Mist and More, formerly known as Mosquitoes & More, has been serving the North American and Central American marketplaces since 2003. We are by far the most experienced providers of outdoor cooling and mosquito misting solutions. Over the years, there have been several imitators, but no duplicators of our success. Many garage-based start-ups have come and gone, while we have stood the test of time through our commitment to quality products and customer service.

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Mist Masters

Most of our competitors are either pest control companies that offer some mosquito services on the side or mosquito fogging companies that offer some mosquito installations every once in a while but primarily sell fogging services.  We have been focused on misting systems and installations for over 15 years and we have the knowledge and experience to design and install a solution that can keep you both cool and bite-free all summer long.


Modern Technology

We sell and service the latest and most advanced customized Cool Misting and Mosquito Misting Systems.  We don’t sell outdated analog mosquito systems and we don’t sell you a proprietary system that only our service technicians can work on.  We sell modern equipment from reputable manufacturers with 21st century options such as a phone app control, solar power and smart home integration.

Professional Installations

Experience Counts – with over 15 years of experience, we know how to install our systems so that they blend into the house and the landscaping while providing exceptional performance of our mosquito mist and our cool misting solutions.  We do not sub-contract out our installations or service like some other competitors do.  All jobs are done by Mist & More trained and certified pros.  Here are a few examples of some bad installations that we have come across over the years.  This is the Gallery of Shame.

Examples of Poor Installations

An Agreement, not a Contract

Some companies try to tie you down with Annual Service Contracts that force you to use their services even when they are not doing a good job on their end.  We have heard from several customers that some service technicians just fill up their system and leave, never really inspecting the property or the system properly.  We believe in treating our customers the same way we want to be treated.  So, instead of annual contracts, we have month to month Service Agreements.  If you are unhappy with the service that we provide, you can cancel at any time.  This means that we are always earning your business and your loyalty.

Transparent Pricing

Some companies try to trick you by offering a low upfront price for the installation and then they have an over-inflated Service Contract price that you are required to pay annually because they are the only ones with the codes to service the system.  You don’t really own the system, you really are leasing it from them and are required to pay thousands of extra dollars to use the system over the life of the system.

Other companies don’t or won’t specify their pricing upfront so they can make up the price once they are on-sight.  These salesmen are typically commission based and they are paid based upon what they can get from you.  All of our pricing is pre-printed on our quote sheet and the price of the system is dependent on what your needs are – not what you can afford.

Risk Free – Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because we know our products work!

We know from years of experience that our custom solutions for your yard will make your space more enjoyable and more inviting for you and your guests.  Within the first 6 months after installation, if you are for any reason unhappy with your investment and we are not able to build the system to meet your expectations; we will take the system back and refund you 100% of your installation costs.