Commercial Systems

Mist & More Commercial Systems

As the pioneers of misting systems in Central Florida and beyond, with mist experience since 2003 in installations and continued maintenance, we are the experts in how to install the right system for your business. With a proper installation from Mist and More, your guests can enjoy your outdoor space without the nuisance of pests and blistering heat.  Whether it is an outdoor bar/patio or playground that you would like to make more enjoyable; Mist and More will help you to Fite the Bite and Beat the Heat. 

Our systems help make your outdoor space more enjoyable so your guests stay longer and are happier.


Fite the Bite

We can help you eliminate mosquitoes, spiders, no-see-ums and other annoying pests from your bar and patio area(s).

Beat the Heat

We can help you Beat the Heat with a custom Cool Misting system that can lower the ambient temperature 20 to 30 degrees.

With Mosquito Misting, Mist Walls, Mist Fans and MistScapes; we can enhance your outdoor areas: creating a beautiful and natural oasis from the heat that You and your guests will forever enjoy. Fragrance options are available to compliment the Mist Cooling systems with fresh desirable scents.


Bar/Patio spaces benefiting from a Mist & More system

Marlow’s Tavern

Marlow’s Tavern have outfitted 8 patios in the Central Florida and Atlanta marketplaces with cool misting systems to make their patios more inviting and comfortable for their customers.

Clubhouses benefit from Mist & More systems

Isleworth C.C.

In 2013 when Isleworth Country Club was redoing their Pool & Patio area; they hired Mist & More to add Mosquito Misting and Cool Misting.  They liked it so much that they flew us over to the Bahamas to put a system in at Albany, The Bahamas.

Playgrounds benefit from Mist & More systems

Maitland Montessori

Installed a Mist & More Mosquito system and a Cool Mist system around the children’s playground to protect them while they played and to keep them cool in the Florida heat.